What's so good about a Messy Mealtime Smock?

More fun (and less washing!!) with your baby!

Parents love the unique, all-round cover of the Messy Mealtime Smock. Babies love the soft, breathable, comfortable fabric.

Both love the quick transition from happy meals to happy playing minus an outfit change, laundry pile and stains!

Read what real mums and dads think on our Testimonials page. Eg.

'BEST thing I purchased for Baby Led Weaning!!!! No more undressing or dirty clothes from meals or full baths after meals! WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!! I would love to hug the person who made these!!!!!' - R.I 

Where can I buy one?

We are 100% online in the UK and Europe: www.littlechomps.co.uk


How do I keep my Messy Mealtime Smock clean and fresh?

We recommend the following care instructions printed and provided with each order:

A simple wipe down will often suffice but the Messy Mealtime Smock can also be machine-washed in cool/warm water (up to 40 degrees C).

Avoid hand washing or rinsing under a tap because water temperature can be difficult to determine and your smock may stay damp without the help of a machine spin cycle. 

A fast spin cycle and hanging to dry inside out will help facilitate drying. Allow time for drying between uses.

Some foods (eg Turmeric and Curry Powder) could cause light staining but any marks will likely fade with a few soapy washes. Avoid using stain remover/bleach-containing detergents and high heat, which could both degrade the laminate.


    What is the Messy Mealtime Smock made of and is it safe?

    The Messy Mealtime Smock is made of Polyester with a soft Polyurethane laminate (no stiff, crunchy PVC!)

    The fabric is so soft and comfortable for your baby, they wont realise they're wearing it. The soft laminate on the outside provides a wipeable, waterproof barrier while the fabric side on the inside is soft against your baby's skin.

    We are proud of our safety testing. The Messy Mealtime Smock is independently certified to be free of BPA, PVC, Azo Dyes, Lead and Phthalates. 

    Note: the decorative print on the exterior contains Latex.


    For any other queries, feel free to get in touch!