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Baby led weaning bib - Little Chomps
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Coverall bib - Gumball Green - Little Chomps
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Toddler bibs – Bubblegum Blue – Little Chomps
Messy Mealtime (Toddler) Smock: 8mths - 2+yrs
Weaning bib - Raspberry Red - Little Chomps
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Messy Mealtime (Toddler) Smock: 8mths - 2+yrs
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Messy Mealtime (Toddler) Smock: 8mths - 2+yrs
Coverall bib weaning - Little Chomps

Messy Mealtime (Toddler) Smock: 8mths - 2+yrs

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CLEARANCE! Our Gumball Green and Lollipop Pink original logo designs are discounted to make way for our unique (and super cute) animal designs! Only £13.46!

Enjoy more fun (and less washing!!) while your baby learns to feed themself with the original Little Chomps coverall Messy Mealtime Smock.

You’ll love the unique all-round cover, the lovely softness of the waterproof fabric and the fast wipe and machine-washability.

Your baby will love the freedom to explore new tastes and textures and develop self-feeding skills without the meal time stress and endless outfit changes.

The Toddler Smock is ideal for babies and toddlers in the 8mths to 2+ year age range.

The Starter Smock is perfect for babies starting their feeding journey or who are small for age (0-8+mths).

We've designed the Messy Mealtime Smock with your toddler in mind - its lightweight design and all-round cover protect sleeves and laps while still giving them the freedom to move, stretch and reach without being weighed down/held back/restricted.

The Messy Mealtime Smock is perfect for baby-led weaning & spoon feeding.

Tens of thousands sold to relieved mums and dads around the world!

'These are the kids favourite because they are buttery soft' - 06/07/21

'These are the BEST ones around, I love the extra length and no pockets!' C.C 26/04/21

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Price: £17.95 + p&h


  • coverall protection including laps, sides and back
  • wipe and washable
  • waterproof, but not stiff PVC
  • adjustable cuffs & secure press studs/poppers (no pesky Velcro)
  • super-soft & breathable fabric
  • free from nasties - BPA, PVC, Phthalates and Lead.

Dimensions: 40cm (chest), 44cm (length) 

    'Don the smock, unleash the foodie fun, then just whip it off and voila! Clean kid, happy parent' - Babyology

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